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CITIGREEN TENNIS RESORT: Cebu’s first red clay tennis courts under a 43-feet high ceiling with fiberglass skylight. It is integrated with eco-friendly design – rainwater harvesting system and LED floodlights that create a different kind of experience for the players to enjoy the game in harmony with nature. FOUNDED in 2012 by a new breed of individuals who are pursuing happiness by serving others through the promotion of tennis combined with environmental awareness.

Experience the difference with us!!!
OUR MISSION is to provide and share a unique tennis facility that promotes the development of tennis as a means of healthy recreation and physical fitness for all levels of interest and play with the integration of environmental awareness and appreciation of “green” efforts.

THE VISION is to serve as an environmentally sustainable tennis hub for the benefit of the public at large with a particular focus on the young in their formation of values, such as – wholesome recreation, healthy lifestyle, self-discipline, humility, sportsmanship, teamwork, social and ecological responsibility.

CORE VALUES surrounding CITIGREEN are: Dignity, respect, fairness and equality in treating fellow tennis enthusiasts. Polite, friendly and responsive customer service. Creative thinking and innovation in developing tennis programs and initiatives. Preservation and conservation of the environment by becoming good stewards of the finite natural resources.

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