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CITIGREEN TENNIS RESORT: Cebu’s first red clay tennis courts under a 43-feet high ceiling with fiberglass skylight. It is integrated with eco-friendly design – rainwater harvesting system and LED floodlights that create a different kind of experience for the players to enjoy the game in harmony with nature!  About us

CITIGREEN Tennis Resort Cebu provides the opportunity for tennis players who aspire to play for fun, possibly earn a college scholarship, or simply improve their game at any level. Led by Cebu's best players, CITIGREEN Summer Tennis Clinic combine physical and mental conditioning, technical and tactical training and match-play coaching. Open to BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED players.

CITIGREEN Tennis Program is arranged to reach a collective peak in technical, tactical, physical, mental and nutritional components. Specific work/rest plans are established to keep players fresh. Variety in practice avoids boredom and burnout. Day Program includes 3 hours of tennis, drills in a group setting, mental conditioning and/or strength & conditioning.

A comprehensive tennis programme is the core of any well run place to play as it ensures the participants are engaged in the game, regardless of their reasons for playing, the key ones being; social, health, improvement and competition. It is an excellent way to retain participants and attract new ones; feeling part of an active, lively programme ensures players come back for more.

A good programme is inclusive, provides pathways to develop regardless of age and ability and caters for various categories.

CITIGREEN considers the need of the participants when planning our tennis programme to ensure that coaching sessions and competitions are planned with the needs of all participants in mind.

The CITIGREEN management group work closely with the coaching team in implementing such programme; a good programme is always evolving and should be evaluated at the end of each term to ensure opportunities are maximised and members are happy with the service provided.


CITIGREEN TENNIS RESORT will hold a "Training Pool" program for young tennis players who are less privileged but has tennis abilities and potential. This initiative is aligned with the resort's advocacy to do grassroots program, with the help of kind and supportive individuals. This would also be a training ground for these young players in their formation of values, such as self-discipline, humility, sportsmanship, teamwork, and social responsibility. The program will take place on October to December 2014.

Sponsors: Mickey Gidwani of Hydroseal Canada, Pompeyo Saturninas, Msgr. Danny Sanico, Msgr. Ruben Labajo, Fr. Fernando Suarez, Edna de la Torre, Ritchie Belle Satina, and Kim Lira.
19th JRG Gullas Tennis Cup
AUGUST 21, 2014
A record field of more than 200 entries from all over the country will vie for top honors in the 19th JRG Gullas Tennis Cup, which will kick off today in two separate venues — Alta Vista Golf and Country Club in Pardo and Citigreen Tennis Resort in Mambaling, Cebu City.

This year’s edition of the third longest-existing junior tennis tournament in the country has attracted the most number of participants from outside of Cebu.
2014 MILO Little Olympics Visayas
AUGUST 2, 2014
After their 17-year dominance was toppled, the University of Cebu Webmasters make no promises of taking back their throne, but it could be a strategy that defending champion University of San Carlos should be very extra careful as games in the 19th Milo Little Olympics Visayas eliminations go full blast today mainly at the Cebu City Sports Center.
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